Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Chocolate, I have missed you.

Last week I ordered myself some organic nectars raw cacao raspberry bars as a belated Valentine's Day present and today they finally got here!!
You have no idea how excited I was!
I haven't had a candy bar in almost a year. It's hard to find one without dairy or gluten or soy, but Organic Nectar's Raw Cacao Bars are completely safe. 
There's only six ingredients in the Cacao Raspberry Bars: 64% organic raw cacao, Organic Nectars Palmsweet (granulated coconut sugar), organic raspberry powder, non GMO sunflower lecithin, citric acid
The bars are raw vegan, kosher, free of refined sugars, dairy, soy and gluten and they are so so so delicious. My taste buds were singing! The chocolate is creamy and smooth and decedent just the way a good chocolate bar should be. I'm so glad I ordered three of them!!
Check out Organic Nectar's website. They make six different chocolate bars as well as agave dessert syrup, and cashew based gelato!

Hmmm, what tempting flavor should I buy next?:)