Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kelly the Cavewoman?

I'm going paleo!

Lately it's been a struggle to gain weight, I keep getting sick and the foods that I am tolerating are naturally low in calories. So in my effort to put on a few pounds and get healthy I have decided to embrace the paleolithic diet!

It's actually going great so far. The diet is naturally low in lectins and cuts out many of the foods that I can not tolerate (grains, legumes, and dairy). The diet does allow eggs and nightshades (other than white potatoes) but I still can not eat those foods right now. I am hoping that once I heal I will be able to have eggs and nightshades again and will be able to cook any paleo recipe that I come across.
Paleo recipes focus on lean protein, healthy fat, and lots of vegetables and fruits. It also stresses healthy lifestyle and exercise to build muscle.
The food is simple, organic and tasty.

Here are some really helpful links about the paleo diet if you're interested:

I've very optimistic about this diet change.  But I do feel a little like these old ladies:

Where's the beef!?

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