Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost There

Only a few more days until spring break. I am beyond ready to go home. It has been a very trying few weeks. I've been up and down, sick and healthy, inspired and exhausted but I know I can push through a couple more classes and midterms.
I've got a busy weekend lined up so hopefully It will move quickly.
I am recording vocals with James Perrella on Saturday and Sunday so I'm excited for that. Getting into the studio always cheers me up and gives me a boost of energy. It'll be good to have a couple more tracks recorded before I go home.
I also have a meeting with the production team for "Alice Unraveled". The project is starting to pick up speed. I think I've put together a great group of talented artists who can help me make this show happen!
So at least I will have lots to distract me before break begins. I can't wait to see my family. It's going to be a much needed rest. I also am going to see a doctor which I know is necessary. I just can't manage this on my own right now. I hope someone can give me some insight or direction. I'm worried that they will not know anything.

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