Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cocoa Oh No!

This is kind of unfair. So I'm going to complain a tiny bit. I promise not to rant too long.
I think i have developed an intolerance to chocolate, or maybe just caffeine in general is bothering me. I have been noticed lately whenever I put chocolate in my smoothies I get this constant pressure headache between my eyes, my stomach gets unsettled and I become dizzy and disoriented.
I've been pretty good at dealing with all these new intolerances, but chocolate? Seriously? This one is not fair. So I need your help, here is a list of foods I am currently avoiding:
 -Gluten and all grains
-Soy and all legumes (peanuts, beans, carob...)
-Nightshades (potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant...)

Basically I'm left with Fruit, most veggies, sweet potatoes (which are not nightshades, they are part of the morning glory family), nuts and seeds and meat (but I don't like red meat). 

Any ideas for a satisfying dessert/ meal? I'm running low on creativity.

I'm not positive, in fact I'm really hoping that some of these foods can be reintroduced if I give my stomach some time to heal. I would really like to have eggs, nightshades and chocolate back. Beans would be nice too. I'm pretty sure soy, gluten and dairy are out forever but I'm ok with that. They cause way too much pain to challenge it.

I appreciate any suggestions! :)

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