Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm recording tomorrow! Hooray!

My good friend (who happens to be an awesome producer as well), James Perrella will be engineering the session. I can not wait. It has been way too long since I've gotten into the studio.
We're planning on recording guitar and vocal takes for two or three songs. Then we will listen back to them and write specific arrangements to record later. I have already started thinking about using a string quartet on at least one of the tracks, to enhance the haunting quality that the song already posses.
It's going to be a cool experience to really go in and fully arrange some of my work. Usually my band and I just kind of jam on a song until it feels right, this will be a bit more polished and give me a chance to craft the accompaniment parts which is a good skill to have.
These first three tracks are going to be part of a much larger c.d. that will be released in early May!

To hear some of my newer tracks check out:

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